Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pastor's Notes

This Morning, it is our delight to recognize the fathers in our midst. I praise the Lord that I was raised in a godly home, and for the father that I was blessed with. Dad instructed us in the Word of God from the time we were children. As a family, we were always one of the first into the church to leave. Dad often taught an Adult Sunday School class, but once he started, you never knew when he would end. He taught a 13 week class in over a year.

I rejoice that Sarah also came from a godly home. Her dad has been in the Christian ministry for most of her life as a Christian School Administrator. He continues to serve in that capacity in Wilson, NC.

Vacation Bible School is coming quickly upon us, and there is much that needs to be done in preparation. If you are able to help in any capacity, and have not yet seen Dale, please talk with her soon and see how you can help. Among other areas, the entire church needs to be swept, vacuumed, and mopped. Some of the floors will need a couple moppings to get them spotless.

The family and I will be making one more trip to South Jersey this weekend. Pastor Franklin's daughter is getting married on Friday, and Sarah and I will be attending the wedding and the reception. We will be coming home on Friday night so that we will be at the New Windsor Country Inn on Saturday.

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, I will be helping my Dad and brother due the fire extinguishers at Tri State Bible Camp. I will probably do most of the running around, as it has been a long time since I have recharged and extinguisher. I still know how, but some things have changed in code since I last worked on one in the shop, and I have never worked in the portable shop. I look forward to spending some time with them and working together.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pastor's Notes

Friday night the family and I traveled to South Jersey for a surprise birthday party for my Mom. She will be turning .... at the end of the month. She was surprised to see many of her family and friends there, and I was able to meet one of her childhood friends. Sarah did a spa workshop for one of the churches down there, and then we came home Saturday afternoon.

We will be heading down to South Jersey at the end of the month for a wedding. Pastor Franklin's daughter will be getting married on June 25. Our plans are to come home that evening after the wedding, and that should be the last of our trips for a while. I am getting tired of all the driving.

Today and tomorrow we will be saying farewell to a dear friend of our church family, Jennie Conklin. I remember during the candidating process, she had a question for me. She wanted to know how long it would be before we had a Vacation Bible School Program. I was still trying to learn names, and the community, but she had a heart for the young people. I enjoyed visiting with her before she moved to South Carolina, and she was always a tremendous encouragement to me during those visits.

On July 4 we will have a Patriotic Concert here at the church. A group of 7 men, a quartet and a trio will be coming from Bethel Bible Baptist Church and will be ministering in both the morning service and in the Concert in the afternoon. The songs will combine both the patriotic and the gospel. I encourage you to make plans to be with us and to bring some friends. We will have hamburgers and hotdogs after the morning service. All cooks or chefs are welcome. I will to the best I can to stay away so that we do not have to eat hockey pucks. If you want chicken or steak - bring it and cook it yourself. (Pastor gets to taste test).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pastor's Notes

We have begun receiving registrations for Vacation Bible School. This excites me as I take the phone calls from parents and I am looking forward to spending time with the young people. I get to participate in the daily skit and in the preparation of games. There are fliers available to use to invite your friends and their children to VBS.

As I write, I am preparing to attend a wedding at West Point Military Academy for a young man who attended here as a cadet. I am looking forward to seeing him again, and meeting his wife. It has been exciting to see the way God has led in this man's life.

The children are enjoying the warmer weather. It is getting harder and harder to keep them interested in staying inside so that Mommy and Daddy can get things done. Jennifer likes to take a book and go outside and read, and Rebekah loves to ride any bike that she can get her hands on. All of them are enjoying fighting the squirrels and birds for the berries that just began to ripen.

The Kaiser family will only be able to be with us for a couple more weeks before they move onto the next place that God has called them. Please continue to keep them in prayer as they move, and that God would fill their void in our midst.

In a couple weeks, I will be teaching CPR to the staff at Tri-State Bible Camp. I will probably also be renewing my life guarding and CPR cards at the same time. My current Instructor cards expire in December, but because I taught last summer, they will be extended to December 2012. I am hoping to take a crossover class so that I can teach baby sitting. The Red Cross says that I need to learn to change diapers from them in order to get certified to teach others how to babysit. If there is ever interest in the church, we can offer a class on CPR here.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pastor's Notes

Today it is our privilege to have Matthew and Michelle Conrad and their three children with us to present their ministry to the people of Hong Kong. In addition, we will enjoy their ministry in music, and the time of fellowship during the meal. They will be traveling to another meeting this evening, but will be with us here for the parade tomorrow. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they travel on deputation, and as they prepare to leave for the field to which God has called them.

This morning, we have several in our midst who have in the past and are currently serving in our military. I would like to express my personal gratitude for their work and labor on our behalf to maintain our liberties. There are also some here who serve as police, fire, and ambulance so that we might have peace and security in our daily lives. I thank them for their continued service to protect and defend us.

NEW! In the Adult Sunday School Room, there is a new piano that has been given by the Rosenberger families in memory of Bertha Gustafson who played the organ here for over 60 years. We thank the Rosenberger families for their great generosity, and we are grateful for the faithfulness of Bertha in ministering in music forr so many years.

Starting this Fall, we will begin having After School Bible Clubs. They will begin in September after I return from vacation. We will have 2 groups that will meet. 1st - 4th grade will meet on Mondays, and 5th - 8th grade will meet on Thursdays. There are still some details that need to be worked out as it gets closer, but if you would be interested in helping with this new program, please let me know. There are some fliers on the back table, they will be updated in a couple months with times, but feel free to take some and begin inviting children to attend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pastor's Notes

Today I am teaching a Sunday School class at Bethel Bible Baptist Church in Carney's Point. During the morning service, Sarah and I are scheduled for special music. We will practice with Mom, and either sing or play our instruments. Tonight, I will be preaching for the evening service at Hardingville Bible Church. When I last communicated with Pastor Franklin, he was in Panama on a Mission's Trip.

While I will enjoy being in the pulpit, I miss being with you. As much as I enjoy spending time with my family, my heart is here, and I am looking forward to coming home on Monday. I love you all and am excited to see you next week.

Next Sunday, we will have Matthew and Michelle Conrad with us for the day. They will share with us the burden that God has given to them for the people of Hong Kong. I look forward to the time of fellowship that we will be able to spend with them. They have several meetings in the area, and are using our Mission's Apartment at Maranatha.

July 4, falls on a Sunday this year. We will be having a morning service, followed by a time of grilling on the front lawn of the church. This will be followed by an outdoor service. There will be many activities for the family around town on that day, and you are welcome to stay for the afternoon into the evening to enjoy the day.
There will be a parade which passes by the church in the afternoon, and a fireworks display in the evening.

There have been a number of items that have come in for VBS. If you are able to help with providing materials for the crafts, check out the list a few posts below. Also, we will need some fishy (underwater exploration) decorations. Please make sure your name is on what you want returned.

-Pastor Stephen Racite

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pastor's Notes

Today after the service there will be a brief meeting for any and all who are able to help with Vacation Bible School. Even if you are not able to help during the week, but can help with prepping crafts, games, or decorations: please stay for this meeting. Let us continue to pray that God will provide us with the helpers and the young people that He would have us minister to, and that all things will bring honor and glory to His name.

The Cornwall library is having a special activity this coming Friday for the young people and their parents of the Cornwall school district. Dale Conklin will be sitting at a booth, representing our church with a display featuring some of our church activities that are available for the young people. If you would like to assist her, please let her know.

The family and I are leaving for South Jersey on Wednesday following prayer meeting. We have a number of activities crammed into a few days. My parents are planning to celebrate my birthday, then we have a party for Joey for finishing his master's degree, and then I will be preaching in two different churches on Sunday. I am looking forward to coming home either Sunday night or Monday morning.

I think Dad is planning on me helping him do some planting in the garden while I am down there. This means that Sarah gets to help choose what gets planted. I am assuming that we will plant tomatoes, peppers, corn, beans of several varieties, cantaloupe, and watermelon. There may be more or less, depending on how dry the fields are. I enjoy the labor, and look forward to enjoying the harvest. I am also planning to ride my four-wheeler with the children. Maybe this year, Joel will let me take him for a ride. I still use my first helmet from 23 years ago when I got the four-wheeler.

-Pastor Stephen Racite

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pastor's Notes

As I am writing this, I have just celebrated my birthday with my family.  They each made me a card, and Jennifer and Rebekah played songs on the piano for me.  Sarah made a cake and some home made ice cream.  I enjoyed the day, and hope that Sarah will enjoy today.

I am grateful for the mother of my children.  God has richly blessed me with a wonderful help meet who labors so faithfully and willingly beside me.  He ahas also blessed both Sarah and I with godly mothers and grandmothers.  Unless there is an illness, all of our parents and grandparents still living will be in church this morning worshiping and praising God.  I cannot praise God enough for the godly heritage which Sarah and I share.

Timothy was reminded that He had heard the Scriptures which would make him wise unto salvation from the time that he was an infant from his mother and grandmother.  My mom was my Junior Church teacher when I was younger, and taught me much of the Old Testament.  I remember being home from church sick one week, and Mom taught me a Sunday School lesson.  The next week, when the teacher asked me the questions, I was able to answer all of them, and was amazed that Mom taught me the same story that the teacher taught - I wonder if she called and asked first?

Our family does have a brief trip coming this month.  My brother is graduating with a Master's Degree, and his wife is having a party for him.  We will be attending the party, and the next day I will be teaching Sunday School at Bethel Bible Baptist Church and preaching in the evening service at Hardingville Bible Church.  I am looking forward to spending time with both churches, as they both pray for my family and this ministry on a regular basis.  Pastor Bossley will be preaching in all three services here on May 23rd, while I am away.

- Pastor  Stephen Racite